Trip Length

  • We will run 2 trips a day unless you hire the boat for the full day… please call us for details on that.
  • Morning trips normally start at first light and vary depending on tides.
  • Trips will run from 4-5 hours dock to dock.
  • Afternoon trips will start between 1-2 pm


Q. Do I have to have a fishing license
A. yes, we will provide a charter stamp and no additional cost

Q. How much can we keep?
A. Bottom fish limit is 15 per person. You can keep 1 ling cod and 1 Cabazon per day. Flounder is my favorite to catch and are super tasty!

Q. Are there life jackets on board. 
A. there are life jackets for everyone on board and extras. The vessel is coast guard inspected and documented. There will be a safety briefing upon arrival to the vessel. 

What To Expect: Shrimp Charter

After you board the vessel and have your safety briefing, you will get a tag to put your name on buoy for the shrimp pot, that is yours to take with you after the charter for next time 😊 Upon arrival to shrimp grounds we will get gear ready, bait jars, and get ready to set. Gear will be set anywhere from 180 ft up to 430 ft of water. Our gear set up is a little different than most which allows up to fish most tides. We use 40lb Ladner shrimp pots attached to 60 ft of 5/16 floating line that is then attached to a 25lb Kedge anchor with a quick release “D” ring. After the anchor we have approximately 500 ft of neutral buoyancy 5/16 crab line. Using those big anchors allows us to use Larger yellow buoys for easy visibility.   After we set gear and mark the pots on the plotter, we will head over to an island and do a little bottom fish jigging. The shrimp gear will stay down for at least 45 min then checked. When we pull up to the gear, each guest will have the opportunity to “THROW THE HOOK” (weather permitting).  We will put the line in the 14” crab block and then in then into the line coiler. When the anchor comes up the block will stop, and the anchor will be removed and set aside. After the pot comes up you will release the cinch line and dump the catch onto the sorting table.  You will then count out the shrimp into an 80-count limit (10 lbs after June 2nd). You will rebait pots and set back if limits aren’t caught.  we will move gear as needed to make sure you go home with your limit! All charter guests are guaranteed dinner. 

What To Expect: Crab Charter

After you board the vessel and have your safety briefing, you will get 2 red/white crab buoys to put your information on per WDFW rules and regulations. Those buoys are yours to take with you and can be used on your next charter. Each charter guest will have 2 commercial style (TRILOGY) crab pots to use during the charter (those don’t go home with you 😊). You have the option of putting the bait in the bait jars, and then bait the crab pots.  We will provide areas for you to choose to set your gear. Once all the gear is set for each guest, we will do some sightseeing, bottom fish jigging, or hang out and relax before the work starts!  You have a choice to have a hands-on experience or let the crew help with the process.  When we pull up to the gear, you will have the option to “THROW THE HOOK” (weather permitting). We will then put the line in the 14” crab block and then over to the line coiler and start hauling!  When pot comes up and is in the pot launcher, you will have the opportunity to sort and measure the catch. You are allowed 5 Dungeness crab over 6 ¼ inches. All charter guests are guaranteed dinner